Personal Injury

I secure financial compensation for people who were injured at the hands of others. Automobile accidents, slip/trip accidents, dog bites, and product failures are the kinds of injury cases that I can help you with. I use my years of experience and understanding of injury and insurance law to make my clients financially whole. I can obtain compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, property damage and much more. I help my clients obtain professional medical care, even when they don’t have health coverage. My injured clients never pay any money up front and I only get paid for my services when you obtain a settlement. This is a great risk-free way for injured clients to obtain needed representation at a time when they are injured.

Criminal Defense

I represent people who have been accused of what I call “everyday” crimes, like DUI, Domestic Violence, and small theft offenses. After over 20 years of representing people on very serious crimes, like murder and arson, I decided to use that experience helping everyday people who somehow ran afoul of the law. You don’t have to be a “criminal” to get arrested for a DUI offense or after an argument with a spouse that may have gotten a bit out of hand. Plenty of good people get into such trouble. And these are the people that I want to help. I work hard to get my client’s criminal cases dismissed or reduced. I’ll even bring my successful track record of fighting the DMV to protect your driving privileges in DUI cases. Very few of my client’s ever see the inside of a jail and in most cases you’ll never have to personally go to court.

Criminal Case Expungements

In many cases I can use the law to “erase” a criminal conviction from your record and keep it hidden from public view. I can even help you get a prior felony conviction reduced to a misdemeanor before getting your entire case expunged. This can often help restore important rights that were forfeited by having a felony conviction and help with immigration cases. I can often obtain an expungement in just 15 to 21 days. The cost for my expungement service is very reasonable and in most cases I can offer a money-back guarantee if I’m unable to get your conviction erased.

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